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Financial Consultant | Motivational Speaker | CFA | CFP | CPA

Life is a collection of your thoughts packed in action. Thus you are just but an accumulation of what you set your mind on and eventually did. The making of the person you was and is still solely your responsibility.

Kudzanai Vere, the founder and CEO of Kudfort Advisory Services and Premium Business Network International (PBNI).

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Kudzanai Vere, the founder and CEO of Kudfort Advisory Services and Premium Business Network International (PBNI) a seasoned leadership and management professional, a motivational speaker, a business and leadership consultant, a Certified Forensic Accountant, a Certified Forensic Practitioner, a Certified Public Accountant, a Registered Public Accountant and a Commissioner of Oaths. Kudzanai has over 16 years leadership and management experience, 6 years of accounting, auditing and forensic accounting experience gained from the different companies he has been involved in. He is so passionate about personal, leadership and organisational development. Kudzanai ha recently added to his qualifications a broader understanding of Governance of Information Technology by attending all the COBIT 5 courses from foundation to assessor. Mr Vere is a change agent who have ever since refused stagnation and decadence. He is a transformational leadership speaker of repute. Through his engagement with the business community Mr Vere started Premium Business Network International an organisation that seeks to network the business community in Zimbabwe and beyond for their mutual benefit. PBNI has a website is promoting easy of doing business by facilitating easy access of every economic activity happening in any town on one’s smart phone or laptop. For instance is one gets into any town they know nothing about and they want to access products or a services, they just have to visit their browser and type PBNI.org and go to the search button and key in what they are looking for and the town that they are in, all the suppliers of the products and services in question comes out.


Financial Advisory

Expert trainer in Public Speaking and Presentation Skills at all levels , individual and corporate.


Experienced event coordinator and natural flare to connect with audience effectively.


Professional business presentation skills make him an exceptional Corporate MC

Masterclass & Courses

Online Classes taught by Kudzanai Vere, a Financial, Leadership and Business Consultant. Enroll today to get access to video, audio lessons and exclusive material that will enable you to learn at your own pace on mobile, desktop, laptop or any compatible mobile device. The classes include Leadership & Personal Development, Finance and more.

Books & Publications

Reading helps a great deal in building and increasing your confidence, reduces stress levels and puts you in a better mood. Once you start reading books and make it your habit, you will eventually want to read all the time. Reading is the best kind of refreshment that you need from your hectic life and add emotional intelligence as well to be in a position make smarter decisions about yourself and those around you. Make sure you are reading something at any given time.


Great to see a man developing the way you are moving on Kudzi. Encourages some of us to keep on Impacting the human race knowing fully well that it bears fruit.
Kudzanai Vere thank you so much God bless you for your love for others and equipping them with powerful nuggets and wisdom
Thank you leader for gracing the event. You changed lives!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, please call the Office on +2636828575 +263772592232 +263719592232 +2637325922322 for details and how you can join today.

Please note that lm a Global Speaker, l speak at local and international events, the best way to check my availability will be to call the Office on +2636828575 +263772592232 +263719592232 +2637325922322 for details.

Yes, download our free book here https://www.kudzanaivere.com/

Leadership Development Materclass Registration is currently in progress please follow the link below to register https://www.enhance.co.zw/transform/masterclass/

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  • 6 Colling Street Mtetwa Complex KADOMA Zimbabwe
  • +2636828575 +263772592232 +263719592232 +2637325922322
  • verekudzi@gmail.com
  • www.kudzanaivere.com

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